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Halogen flashlight mods Answered

Heh...flashlights of death forum.....seems like just the place for this question. I've seen some vids online about using the halogen track light bulbs (mr16? something like that) in maglight mods. Anyone have any exprience in this? A couple of them can be ordered but they are expensive and custom built.....one of them is called a mag85 and there is another called "mac's torch". the guy that made mac's torch (i'm assuming mac) made a video in which he put down a piece of news paper and set it on fire with this light! I believe he was using a special order 100 watt halogen in that one. Now you may see why this question seemed appropriate for the "flashlights of death" part of the forum lol. Nice meeting you all and I'm always tinkering with things to bad I wasn't taking pictures but I will now!