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Hanging plants without damaging structure Answered

I read and enjoyed zoe_roses' bit on hanging tomato plants and DebH57's on soda bottle planters. I'd like to try these out.

My trouble is that I live in an apartment complex that's pretty strict about ANYTHING we do to our small outside balcony space. I've been threatened with fines when using nails to hang plants outside before, and I think they'd blow a gasket if I hung a soda bottle full of dirt.

I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas as to how I could make a hanger without making marks on any structure; essentially, something cheap and removable. Also, if anyone has any ideas how I could dress up the soda bottles (or use an alternate material) so that they look a little prettier, it would be deeply appreciated.




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12 years ago

A first thought for the bottles is to simply paint them a suitable colour. What, though, do you want to hang them from? Could you edit the original post and add a photo of where you want to hang them?


Reply 12 years ago

The first two are the lip on the ceiling over my balcony. There is about a 1.5" lip on top. The third, of course, is the rail. As you can see, it's round, and fairly low--I'm afraid hanging a plant off that will interfere with my downstair neighbors' balcony space, which is just impolite. I'm considering building something freestanding .. . there's a bit of extra floorspace I could conceivably use .. . probably a PVC stand with a plant hanging from each side for balance. Right now I'm trying to match spray paints to the paint of the walls so I can hide the bottles. Urban camouflage for the win! In August I move to a house where I shall have far more space, and then I need not worry. I am considering, as well, planting my tomatoes at my brother's house, but I fear that he would not regularly water them, and I'd rather have access.