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Hard drive magnets near electronics & TFT Screens ? Answered

Hi Folks.
I recently bought an e-reader with a TFT screen, I am making a hollow book type case to keep it in & planned to use a couple of salvaged hard drive magnets as a closure.
The idea is to encase the magnets into the pages at the open side of the book either at the top & bottom corners or just one pair at the center.
My question is could the magnets cause any damage to the screen or the electronics of the e-reader?
Please don't give me any over analysed answers describing magnetic field strengths I am making a book cover not a hydro electric generator, I don't wish to blinded by science I just need to know if there is a possibility that a couple of 2mm x 20mm hard drive magnets could do any damage.
Thanks in advance for your sensible answers folks.



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(Simple enough?)


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I would recommend checking out some cheaper-weaker magnets -- hdd magnets are great, and won't hurt the e-reader, but they have a holding force in the tens to hundreds of pounds depending on how they stick, and heaven help your wallet if you happen to bring your book near your lap. I dunno...maybe you like ordering new credit cards regularly :)

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Answer 8 years ago

I have already selected the magnets I plan to use & tested them in situ, they are strong enough to hold the case together & be secure but not so stong they could cause a problem for anything more than a couple of inches away.
My main concern was raised by a couple of reports I came across on another forum where it was suggested a problem with a screen on a smartphone had been brought about by a strong magnet.
I had my doubts but as I have this great website I know which is filled with experts in almost every field I figured it couldn't do any harm to check it out.