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Hard drive spindle motor repurposing Answered

I am in the materials-gathering phase of a planned project to build a handheld stabilizer system for use with my dSLR camera when I shoot video (for an example of what that kind of is and does, look http://freeflysystems.com/products/movi/m10/).  I have a number of older or decommissioned hard drives and optical drives laying around and wondered if I couldn't repurpose the motors from them to use as the axis motors for my stabilizer.  The SimpleBGC board from Alexmos is built to drive brushless DC motors such as the spindle motors found in hard drives.  My questions would be if this would work and whether they would be "strong" enough to turn and hold the camera carriage according to the controller's signals.


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5 years ago

Interesting :)

There are two approaches to this, one would probably not work and the other might work perfectly:

1: Using HD motor to drive, turn and position the axis. That's not going to work I think, HD motors are way to weak for that. They cannot deliver enough torque to move anything.

However, these motors are designed to run for ever on high speed en they are very silent, so:

2: Use an HD motor to build a gyroscope stabilizing system !
Watch this movie to get the idea:

For your stabilizing system you would need to leave the actual hard disks (those shiny metal plates inside an HD) attached to the motor. Maybe add some more disks to one motor to increase the weight for more stabilization.

You would need three motors to stabilize the thee axis.

Once you build a gyroscopic stabilization system you can use stepper motors inside that system to pan/tilt/yield your camera.

Have a look at his too: