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Hardening Play Doh Kinda Stuff Answered

Hi There!
I need some kind of stuff, that acts like Play Doh at first and after a while gets really hard without any heat or preassure ore anything applied.
Since I don't exactly know what I'm looking for or how to call, I haven't been able to search anywhere...

I need to use a small amount on a hinge on my headphones. The hinge looks kinda like this:

|     |
|     |
 /   \

with the T part able to rotate. The little horizontal part is kinda broken, so that the T sometimes slips out, which is kinda annyoing while listening to music ;)
I don't want to glue it in, because then it won't be able to rotate anymore.

So if you have any idea how to call the stuff I'm looking for, or even better, got a recipe how to do it myself, I would really appreciate it!

Thank you very much!


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10 years ago

Look for epoxy putty at the hardware store or home center. It goes by propoxy and other brands, Magic Putty if you have to buy it at the convenience center for more $$. Anyway, you knead the two parts/different colored puttys together, apply and shape and it hardens up.