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Has Firefox overtaken IE? Answered

I still use IE8, but I like it.
On my site, slightly more visitors come from Firefox than IE!
I'm pretty sure this is a recent thing.
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Answer 10 years ago

I think if Windows came with no browser the stastics would be very different. Lots of people use IE because it's there and get used to it and never see a reason to change. If they never see what some of the others will do then they never see a reason to change.

I only use ie to change my que in Netflix.


10 years ago

Lets hope so. I find IE so frustrating, slow and incompatible when compared to FF, Chrome and Safari. I get lots of visitors on my site that use IE and it's a shame because some of the things I've not yet managed to be IE compatible are being missed. But those who use the above browsers get better layout etc. I agree with Re-design in that IE is just there so people use and put up with it. I only use it to test new pages etc, otherwise it's FF for me even FF portable is damn good.