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Has Instructables strayed too far from its origins? Answered

So I posted a comment here today:
see- mjreller (or see the attached pic)
I have been a big fan of the site since 2008 and things have changed.
I am aware that many 'bootstrap' projects are available and they probably make up the majority of the total.
BUT, so many, like the one linked above have almost no information about how to actually build the item.
Does this make it a bad 'ible?  In my mind, heck yes it does.
As the parent of a very bright young person I am constantly looking for projects to keep his (our) mind(s) expanding and growing.
I look to this site frequently for ideas and it is becoming less and less useful.
Clearly by voting/not voting I have a voice in what content succeeds here.  But I feel like I am in the vast minority especially when reading the other comments for the above linked 'ible.  Being impressed with what someone makes does not qualify it as a good Instructable.
I make large allowances for tech shortcomings (I know not everyone has access to laser cutters, etc etc) but the INSTRUCTION should still be there.
Am I naive to expect to have a clear idea how to make every project on this site?
I don't think this is too much to ask when other commenters are complaining about Standard-Metric conversions.
I welcome an open discussion, and consider this an opportunity to learn how to better use the site.
thanks for your time,



4 years ago

I agree with Kiteman. Although it can be frustrating to click on many projects that are unfinished or have no steps, adding a constructive comment asking them when, what, and how they did a project can push them in the right direction. I have on many occasions convinced, with positive feedback, a user to dissemble their whole project and document the steps to make a very good Instructable. With enough push from the community, some really good members can emerge when they know what the community standards are and what is expected from them.


4 years ago

(Possibly you missed the comment in the introduction referring the reader back to his previous instructable that details the construction of a substantially-similar prior iteration?)

As I say to anybody that complains about the overall standards of the site; the standards of the are set by the contributions to the site. If a member has set ideas about the standards that authors should aspire to, then the best way is not to moan about the work that others do, but to actually to give them something to aspire to, preferably by creating high-quality Instructables of their own.

If, for whatever reason, a member is unable to publish their own instructables, but still want to help raise the standards of the site, then they can still help raise the standards of the site by helping new authors improve their work - get involved in the Forums, especially the Clinic, or spend some time contacting authors by PM to offer constructive advice to help them improve their content.