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Has any one had expersince converting a coleman 2 burner liquid fuel sove to propane? Answered

I want to convert may coleman fuel two burner camp stove to propane



8 years ago

Converting an old Coleman liquid fuel stove to propan couldn't be easier!

Just buy a converter on-line or at your local outdoor/sporting goods store. Prices range from $13.00 - $25.00 (online w/shipping).

The Century converter is USA made and very high quality (less expensive examples are imported). Screw on a disposable bottle, insert the end of the converter into the generator receiving hole inside the stove, crack open the regulator valve about 1/4 turn or so, and put a match to the main burner. Burns clean and hot. My Century-equipped stove works great!


10 years ago

I haven't done it myself, but I think I remember seeing a conversion kit somewhere along the way. have you called coleman's customer service department? (it's not like they're gonna trace your call and contact the coppers if you say you want to convert it) And at a guess, it's just a matter of replacing the tank/tube assembly with a propane fitting/tube assembly. The burners are just burners... best wishes