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Has anyone done a mod to the Boss OS-2 Guitar Pedal? Answered

The Boss OS-2 is a decent enough pedal, but I've been wondering if someone else has done a mod or even an instructable on modding it.
Any reply would be awesome.


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8 years ago

Great pedal. Love the Overdrive/Distortion combo. I haven't tried any mods with it yet.

I found this on google though I haven't opened the pedal yet so I hope that the caps and such are labeled or there is a schematic out there.
So you want a mod for the os-2 ?? are you good with a solderng iron ??

this will help the OS-2 sound more " real " IMO !! " Marshall esq type tone "

change c16 to .033 uf *
change c18 to .47 uf *
change c23 to 10 uf *
change c27 to .047 uf *
change c28 to .22 uf + a 1k resistor connected in paralell .*
change D3 to 3mm LED
change D8 to 3mm LED

NOTE* Use metal film caps in all these locations
NOTE - D3 & D8 locations , experiment with other diodes like:

- 1n4001 + 1n34a germainium
- 1n34a germainium + LED
- 1n4739a + LED
- LED + 1n4148

these will give you several different flavors of clipping ---- have fun !!!


11 years ago

Google "mod Boss OS-2" and if there is anything published it will come up.


Answer 11 years ago

That was the first thing I did, and there are some things, but I was really hoping for an instructable on it...