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Has anyone had any experience using a hammock tent? Answered

I am thinking seriously about purchasing one for a back packing trip but was curious to see what experience others had with them. I'm going back and forth between a Clark Jungle Hammock and a Hennessy Hammock. Any input, other suggestions, best-practices, etc. would be greatly appreciated.?


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9 years ago

I bought a Hennessy Hammock because the design was so well thought out.

I can't find fault with its construction; build quality was impressive and it did everything that it said it would.

I really wanted to like it and use it but just didn't sleep too well in it.

It's completely subjective and some people swear that the Hennessy Hammocks are more comfortable than their bed at home but I personally didn't find it to be so; I like to spread out; I also found that my sleeping bag rucked up around me.

The hammock is so light does allow you to sleep in places that you never could in a tent; woodland, hill sides, bogs, even mangrove swamps but unless the person you are travelling with has one as well then you will still have to find a flat area.

Anyhoo, if you find it comfortable then this is a fantastic tool but I advise trying to borrow one for a night before you buy.