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Has anyone made a swivel or swing arm out of black pipe fittings?? Answered

Ok, so here's the project. I want to make bar stools like the ones in this picture. http://pin.it/jxn4TMz See how there are two stools attached to a single black pipe upright with tees? My idea is to use schedule 40 uprights 1.5" with class 3000 2" socket weld tees. Dimensions look like the 1.5" will slide through the tee and then I'll weld 2" sch 80 for the arms going to the stools. But while clearances are tight inside the tee and upright, any ideas on how to make things swivel smoothly or take up that extra slop? Or any other ideas on how to skin this cat?


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4 years ago

Not tried this on pipes but works on other things, A teflon baking sheet can be attached to each side of the swivel joint using double sided tape, teflon to teflon is very slippery.

Alternatively if you have the equipment than a delrin bush to fill the gap and make a bearing surface would do it.

Even a simple greased bearing surface will help.