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Has anyone made bamboo wind turbine blades? Answered

I started a set of simple bamboo wind turbine blades today. I'm using instructions for PVC pipe blades. This involves slicing up a plastic pipe (vinyl chloride is carcinogenic) but large bamboo is similar to a pipe and I've got some so why not try this natural material. If you have done this before, please share some insight :) To my knowledge nobody else has posted about this and all I've found online about bamboo blades is from large scale commercial turbines.


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11 years ago

I'll answer my own question here. It's really easy to make these, really easy!<br /> <br /> The answer is yes and they work fine. These bamboo blades are 4 feet long and span about 2.2 nodes. They spin much more readily than the smaller set I made previously. <br /> <br /> Plus the instructable for these is here: <br /> https://www.instructables.com/id/Wind-Turbine-Blades-from-Bamboo/<br />

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