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Has anyone repaired a inflatable boat (such as a small Zodiak inflatable) - gluing seams that have separatated? Answered

I purchased a small zodiak inflatable that needs work (yes I got it for a great price). The end of the inflatable tubes have come off and an our lock has separated. I have looked online and most places say that it is hard to impossible to repair outside a professional shop, I tend to disagree. But I have been wrong before. The boat is older and is likely PVC (looks like canvas covered in rubber). I was also wondering if it is possible to place a tube inside the float tube of the boat - or is this redundant?



Best Answer 9 years ago

 Try Inland Marine.  I'm using their products on an old Avon inflatable right now.  My boat is hyplon, so I used that glue and so far so good.  I also used a sealant that you inject through the air valves and then slosh it around.  It seals small leaks from the inside.  The boat went from holding air for a few hours to still being fully inflated for almost two weeks now.  I still have more to do but so far I am very happy.  It cost about $220 for the complete restoration kit and I feel that I can get my raft to new condition with the supplies I was sent it is just a matter of careful preparation and attention to detail.  Hope this helps.  Good luck.


9 years ago

Yes you can put a tube inside the inflatable. I am doing this right now. Too many small holes, and I still like the dinghy. This is the answer for a longer life to your inflatable. Company in the UK specialises in this.' Gemini Industries'   Good luck!


10 years ago

I can't answer your question but imay be able to shed some light on the difficulty of the repair. The rubber they manufacture zodaics with ( I think its hypalon) is a partially cured rubber. Initially it is easy to bond with a solvent type adhesive. With UV exposure the rubber cures over time and becomes increasingly difficult to bond. I work in the adhesives industry and tried to help a friend with a similar problem a while back. We did not suceed. I hope you have better luck than we did!