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Has anyone seen this motor and know how to run it? Answered

Hi, I got A Rckit from my dads freind and was going to use it to drive a rc car. I set it up and it worked for awhile but I think it was the wrong ESC/Receiver and It went POOF when I was running it normally. A few months later I orderd a proper RC system To go with my arduino and after driving a few small cars and robots I decided to make somthing with more power. I found in My drawer the motors again and decided to run somthing with more power. I have No idea the voltage/current of these motors and want to know. After doing lots of rechurch i stumbled across what looked like the right reciver and batterys. I booked marked the page and couldn't find the motors. recentley i found what looks like the right motors but I am not sure (the ones I have the part nums are smudged). Does anyone reconize the motors or know if they are the same as the ones that I found.

I am not looking to buy any driving systems for the motors.

Reciver/esc.  (looking at pics the one i thought was the same isn't)
What motors i found thet look the same.   And  this.
Batteys that plugged into the reciver.



7 years ago

You'd be surprised how many people are trying to figure out the same thing with a motor they have... Although you found a similar looking motor, there are many others out there that look like that, but have a different amp & voltage.

What you may need to do is post this question on an RC website, or purchase something like THIS to help you identify this motor (and any others in the future).


7 years ago

The reason I found the motors is tuat the transmitter said lanyu on it so I searched it and sure enough there was a hobby site . The website I found olny had 1 motor looking the same and I am pretty sure that both the motors listed in the links are the same ecept one has a gearbox.