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Does anyone know anything about Paintball to Airsoft Barrage Barrels? Answered

Hello. I made a Paintball-to-Airsoft-sniper conversion about a year ago. (Instructable soon! Don't worry. And another one after that!) I saw these Barrage barrels and wanted to know if anyone uses them or has used them, and what they think. My conversion uses a longer home-made barrel, not a Barrage barrel.

These barrels are used in normal paintball guns to shoot BBs in .117 (bb gun bbs) or Airsoft (6mm) calibers. The barrel comes as a one-piece part that you just screw on. It has a Feet-Per-Second adjustment that supposedly ranges from 175FPS to 450FPS. There is an attached hopper that you put the ammo in. the barrels are about ten inches long, and made of solid aluminum. 

Anyway, anyone know anything about them?


Green dot

7 years ago

I have an Barrage barrel.It is to convert .177 to 6mm.It works great. I used it to convert a full auto Russian Drozd to fire 6mm,The drozd is 4.5mm or .177. In many cases you will need an adapter sold by BB. The beauty of this barrel is a Battle axe adapter from airsoft will allow the use of M-14-16 Airsoft drum magazines. I have a dual drum electric from Echo1, Series C. It holds about 2500 rounds. You can also attach but takes work a 6mm tracer unit and fire tracers at night.I fire mostly 6mm steel ball bearings at 480-700fps. Do not shoot anyone with this.It is no toy.It can be fired at 1800rpm.


8 years ago

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