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Have a 20 lb ABC fire extinguisher that I cannot get refilled / hydroed, made in 1980, Why? Answered

Have a 20 lb Ansul Sentry ABC fire extinguisher.   I recently took it in to be hydroed/refilled but the refilling company would not perform this for me.  The extinguisher is in great shape and there is no visible damage or rust.

This fire extinguisher was made in 1980 and Apparently they said that they would not refill or rehydro your product if it was made before 1984 or so. 

Why did they tell me this and can I get it refilled somewhere legally?


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9 years ago

may be it was ok in 1980 I do not know when you got it I will point out that I am pretty sure it is supposed to be illgal to refill an untested cylinder i think the issue is that all the refill technicians are supposed to follow proper refilling procedures or maybe it could be a safety hazard

but that does not mean that if you have a water extinguisher that does not mean though that people often refrain from refilling(I am trying to say that it seems people often refill there used water extinguisher) use water extinguisher I will say though that you can be killed doing this!!!! I will point out that for home use I would reccomend an ansul 10 lb extinguisher rated 10A60B:C

this unit the rated 10A and 60 B C is the highest rating for a 10 lbs a sentry unit extinguisher

p.s even if you did refill this your self you would not have the right chemical and even if you did extinguisher are not supposed to be refilled your self

source I was trying to major in fire protection engineering until it be came hard to attend the classes