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Having doubts about buying online stuff. Help!I Answered

I know I know... stupid question, everyone buys online but the thing is that I'm from Mexico. For example, I want to order the following list of items:


But HobbyKing is in HK, a loong way and I'm afraid that the stupid mexican customs office retains for whatever reason my package and 1. I'll have to pay some MORE money to get my package, or 2. They think it's for selling or arming a nuclear bomb and retain it forever.

I don't want to waste my money. Thanks for your time and kind response. Have a great day!



8 years ago

If you can't purchase said item from a domestic importer, then you're kinda stuck with taking a chance. IMO, the PAC Rim sellers are pretty honorable, (the world IS their market) although it usually takes about six weeks to get your things. However, I don't do much purchasing from them anymore, for evil patriotic reasons. fwiw...