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Headphone headband for detachable earbuds Answered

I used to have a pair of walkman earbuds (probably well over 10-15 years ago) which had a headband with clips for the earbuds so that you could choose whether to wear the earbuds in-ear or clipped to the headband. I've googled for something similar but can't find anything. To be clear, I don't mean something like this:


or this:

I mean a headband like this : http://www.pinefalls.com/accessories/221-philips-shj047-airpad-headband-headphones-white.html

to which you could attach existing earbuds like the ones you get with an iphone or ipod :http://www.daveywaveyfitness.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/iphone-earbuds.jpg

Anyone know of some parts which might work for me to build something like this? The earbuds would atttach to the band like this - |=O O=| - where the '|' is the headband.
Hope that's clear(ish).



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9 years ago

I don't think they would be too comfortable but maybe modify a pair of stethoscope earpieces or an old pair of mini-headphones reusing the adjustable headband and replacing the earcups. You would just need to fabricate a docking piece that fits your earbuds. Good luck.