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San Diego Fab Lab Open House and Fab Fest Answered

Dear Friends,

Please join us on Saurday, November 22nd
from 9 am 'til 1 pm --

The Heads On Fire :: Fab Lab is the first of the MIT Fab Labs to appear on the west coast, and is located in San Diego.

We will be holding an Open House event to engage the community in innovation and creation using the Fab Lab tools, which will be set up at the market and available for use.

Bring your kids, your family, your crafty friends!

We will be one block from the Lab's usual location at the fantastic City Heights Farmers Market.

Local MAKERS, INVENTORS, ARTISTS and DESIGNERS will be demonstrating and sharing things they've made.

If YOU are interested in displaying something you have made, there is still time to get involved.
Come out, participate, and SHARE YOUR CREATIONS. We will have free space to display your works.

Your ideas can help get the community involved!
Inspire kids and makers-to-be!

Please let us know if you are interested in displaying and participating :: Contact Fabiola@headsonfire.org

The Open House and Fab Fest will be located at:

4440 Wightman St
(On Wightman between 44th St & Highland Ave)
San Diego, CA 92105


The Fab Lab is a high-tech digital fabrication laboratory equipped with the tools to make almost anything. Whether you are a tech wizard or a newcomer, you can use this accessible set-up to flex your invention muscle. Serving kids, adults, tinkerers, inventors, designers and learners.
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So, how did it go?