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Heating a winter garden pond with a car pre-heater!? Answered

Anybody thought about heating a winter garden pond with a car pre- heater!? Here in the UK garden pond fish get really cold and more often than not ponds freeze up. Would you budding geniuses give this topic a little thought - would it work in a controllable manner?

Thank you.


Josehf Murchison
Josehf Murchison

8 weeks ago

How big is the garden pond?
I live in Canada's farm country and we use submersible water heaters to keep the watering through from freezing.
Unless a car pre-heater attaches to one of the engine hoses and has a pump, the Block heaters we use here in Canada you replace a frost plug in the engine block. It might work if your garden pond had a steel liner.



2 months ago

The car preheater would work if you keep the temperature of the pond above 5 deg. Cel. to be on the safer side.
If the crust is formed on the pond. You could use an inline heater to keep the water inside the pond above 5 deg. Cel. all the time.


3 months ago

Not really....
If a pond fully freezes it means it is not deep enough.
A much easier and maybe cheaper way would be to use a little pump and inline heater.
The later can be anything from a dedicated heater for fuel lines or a DIY job with a heating mantle around a piece of pipe.
Add a thermostat or controller to have the temp at 4°C or above.