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Heating box Answered

Hi everybody

First of all I want to excuse myself if my english is not perfect.

I have a project in mind for a while. I work on construction in Canada and using caulking everyday it get hard to use it during winter if we don't have access to put them inside.

So I wanted to build a little box with an heating system that could work on a jobsite generator. I'm thinking about a plywood box nothing fancy as long it work. I though about place 10 ABS/PVC tube that fit perfectly the caulking tube with alots of hole in it so the heat can pass throught it. So the caulking tube can be reached right from the top of the box and due to the hole it won't overheat. So that's the idea so far.

What heating system should I use for this system(I don't want to spend alot on money). Maybe I'm thinking about  1 or 2 computer fan to make the heat uniform.

I'm thinking about a space where I can put my spare glove to get them dry do you have an idea for that ?

And finaly I'm open to any suggestion that can get the box even better ! :)

Thanks you



3 years ago

i did something like that with a hair dryer once. The box was far from airtight.


3 years ago

Use a cooler box and fit a small heater with a thermostat. I like the idea of drying the gloves and making them warm, neat idea.


4 years ago

I've heard people taking anything from freezer chests to foam coolers as the box and just sticking in a worklight with a regular bulb that gets hot, your wattage may vary. You could also plug in a heating blanket secured to the walls of the box. That may be better with the thermostat. You can also duct in hot air from one of those portable desk or car interior heaters/defrosters/fans. Good luck.