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Heating for outside battery storage compartment. Answered

I have an idea for a wind powered outside LED light for the family's cabin. It would be on a pole and illuminate the pathway, just like a street light would do.

So I wanted to have a battery in a box with my wind turbine charging the battery through the day and night. The problem is, it gets really cold sometimes like -36F / -38C and that would kill the battery. So, I also wanted to include some really small, simple heater inside the box. I'm having problems finding anything on what would be the best way to go about this. Wikipedia says heaters are made by resisting current. Are there special types of resisters you add to your DC current to create heat?

Thoughts, suggestions, feedback are all welcome.



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9 years ago

After some more searching, I found something called a dew heater that might suffice. If I can insulate a small enough area, the small amount of heat produced should keep the box at a reasonable temperature for normal battery function.