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Height-adjustable tables: how best to motorize the lift? Answered

Seeking a DIY solution for building a height-adjustable table.

How best to motorize/mechanize/hydraulicize the lift apparatus?

I'd like to do this with a 2'x4' (or larger) writing/work surface.

I'd also like to do it with a folding triangular IKEA "Lokka" table.  I.e., shorten the legs to make it coffee table size, but lift it back up to regular height.


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Best Answer 10 years ago

Our tables at work (911 communications centre) articulate from about 24 inches high to almost 55..

They use telescoping arms to adjust the height, I believe they run one motor that drives a spindle to the 2 telescoping supporting arms. That drive shaft then gets angled down the telescoping shaft 90 degrees, where it drives a threaded rod. The weight of the desk is supported by the rod inside threaded bushings. The outer telescoping arms give lateral and angular strength, while the rod gives compression strength. The mechanical linkage ensures both sides move in unison. I believe their static holding weight is over 250 lbs, and dynamic support around 100.