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Hello, I have a few questions. Answered

Hello, I've been frequenting this site for a number of years now, but have never actually posted anything. However, I am now starting up an important project, that may be little much for me, and I'm wanting to make sure I have a full understanding of the resources I'm going to need to complete the project.

So I'm going to give a little background in the hopes of explaining why this project is so important. I'm a college student looking to get my associates in Application Development. I'm currently in my second quarter of classes, and am beginning the planning process for what the school is calling the "Capstone Project" (aka Senior Project). So as it stands I have about two years to, assuming everything goes well, to create a new application, and I decided I'd be a bit of an over achiever (with this project even if I'm not with others xP) and develop an AI assistant home robot based off the Japanese Gatebox (https://gatebox.ai/). I choose this because I feel it's something that really challenges all my skills, as I started my career off as an IT in the Navy specializing in System Administration, then worked as an on call computer repairmen for a year after I got out, and am now working on becoming a programmer.

Now while I've done some research into, and am forming a plan for the software side, there are a few things on the physical tech side that I'm having trouble with. First, I would like to use a prism hologram, rather than a projector and clear screen, however I'm also not wanting the base to take up a large area on a desk. So I was wondering if there were any cheap projectors that could work, or if someone knows of a small screen that could allow for a somewhat tall projection? Second, as a kind of way to make my system stand out as it's own thing, I was wanting figure out a way to wirelessly (preferably over a wifi connection) to stream the image from the "Central" unit to a "Remote" unit somewhere else in the house, while on a budget. I know Wireless HDMI systems exists, however given there price I would prefer to find an alternative method. Any and all help would be appreciated.


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2 years ago

DJI's lighbridge technology for the video transmission, that is if around 3km distance is enough for your needs, longer distances will become very costly.
The "screen" is a different matter...
Pyramid projections are neither 3D nor in any way holographic.
They are the same as a headup display in modern cars, just with 4 identical images reflected onto 4 panes.
Going tall by using a different angle for the pane only involves processing of the video so it is "distorted" to compensate for the elongated view - same way road markings on fast roads are done.
The look ok when you travel but in an aerial view they look like someone stretched them to the max in the driving direction.
All you need is a suitable display and a way to process the video on the fly.


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Ok thank you. I'll begin looking into lighbridge tech as that seems perfect for what I'm going for. As for the pyramid projection, my plan was actually to use the unreal engine to handle the image of the avatar, along with it's movements. However, from what your saying getting the image to distort correctly might be a bit of a problem.