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Hello how can I control a led to switch from blue to red? Answered

Hello I am looking to use RGB led's in my astra mk5 clocks.
I am looking to have some sort of controller that powers up the blue led and when the sport button pressed the blue will have to power off and then the red will come on.
Can it be done or am I going to have both on at the same time :-(

Hello how can I control a led to switch from blue to red?Like a car with a sports button the clocks are blue and when the sport button pressed it will power off the blue and power up the red.?




Best Answer 8 years ago

Maybe something could be done with the difference between the LED forward voltages.
Put a red LED in parallel with a blue LED and the blue LED should go off. Anyway, see a picture of a circuit solution using a SPDT
( Single Pole Double Throw ) switch.


8 years ago

Get a latching changeover push button - that's a button, with changeover contacts, which stays on or off when its pressed once. . Connect the power rail to the common pin, connect the blue led to the "normally closed contact" - and add a resistor in series. Connect the red led to the normally open contact - and a different resistor.

Job done.