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Help ::: 120v Portable Power Supliy Answered

im working on a self propeld wooden boat for my 3 yr old daughter i have a moter i pulled out of a standerd stand up house fan.  but it a 120v power requirment.  i've thought solar power but im at my breaking point i dont want to go and spend 150 dollars on a car portable air compresser a/c component help please.  Ps please forgive my horrable spelling


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ich bin ein pyro
ich bin ein pyro

9 years ago

I bet you could do it with a car battery and a 12v DC to 120v AC power inverter, but i think this is a very bad idea.
1. Hovercraft motors (which is what i think you're trying to replicate) are made from the same motors they put in aircraft. your house fan just won't cut it.
2. boat motors were made with the water in mind, so i wouldn't recommend putting it in the water. electricity and water don't mix.
3. House fans were made to push air, not anything else. if you put wheels on them, i don't think they would go anywhere.
4. Mythbusters has fired compressed air out of the back of a boat to try to get speed, but it didn't go so well.

I'm sorry to say, but physics has you on this one.