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I built a 30kv static electricity generator with nighthawkinlight’s instructable.

But everytime I use the switch I get shocked.

My 20kv generator doesn’t do it though.

The switch i am using also doubles as the battery holder.

Can you guys help me find out what i can do to stop it?

It is the “Elpa battery case”.

It looks kinda like the case above.


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Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

1 year ago

I think you are getting shocked because that style of switch puts your fingers too close to the electrical contacts inside the switch.

I think the solution is to find, or build, a better switch.

What I mean by my suggestion to "build" a better switch, is to start with a switch you like. Then build some kind of contrivance that places your fingers a few centimeters away from the switch itself, like a plastic rod or something. The case of a push button switch is easier, because then all the plastic rod has to do is push, rather something more complicated ; e.g a rod that would have to transmit both pushing and pulling forces.