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Help! Alarm Clock Renovation Answered

Alright, this is a crazy class project I've taken on, so bear with me.

What I want
Alarm clock display that can be custom programmed to a non-time sequence.  (IE: 666, 777, 888, etc.)
Programming above sequence to blink repeatedly.
Converting alarm clock from power cord to battery.
(Not necessary, but one of the models has an old AM/FM radio display. Making this display move "randomly" would be amazing.)

What I have
Alarm clock #1:  Model No: KMC 500; "Electronic LED Alarm Clock"; Power supply AC 120V 60HZ 5W
Alarm clock #2: Trade Name "Realistic"; Chronomatic-233; Model No: 12-1540; Frequency Range: AM 520-1620KHz  FM 88-108MHz; Power Supply AC 120V 60Hz 10W
Cold soldering kit
Limited budget

If it would help, I could take pictures of the clocks mentioned above. They're from the 70's, with the "simulated walnut grain finish" and red display screens.


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