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Help! Building an optical pickup for a bass guitar. Answered

I am building a bass guitar and would love to have an optical pickup on it. I am a experienced with building circuits but i need help.
This is what i know so far. There will be an ir led on one side of the string and a photo diode on the other. This will cast a shadow on the photo diode to make an analog signal. One led and one sensor for each individual string. Then I am lost, all I know is that it has to go though an oscillator of some sort to produce the sound.
If anyone could give me a good schematic that would  be great.


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10 years ago

No oscillator needed.  The movement of the strings makes the sound.

Just add  a small battery in series with the diode and this is the input to an amp.

You might need some sort of matching circuit but it should work.