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Help: Connecting in-built laptop speakers (spare) to a headphone jack. Answered


I had an hp laptop which had altec lansing speakers. The laptop broke and it took out the parts within it. The speaker type is exactly this one-


Now I tried to connect them to normal headphone jack but it appears I am doing something wrong. Also, there are 2 pairs (4 wires- red,black and white, green for each speaker) which all go separately for this speaker. But I notice in case of our simple headphones the wires seem to merge together. I hope I am able to convey what I am trying to say. Is there any way I can make these speakers work via a headphone jack? I also have a mic obtained in the same fashion and it also has the same issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.




8 years ago

Greetings Re-design,

I did as you've instructed. For some time [~5min] one of the two speakers did work. And after that it stopped working. I am afraid if I shorted my speakers or headphone cable. Also the sound was too low. Note that I did not connect to my PC output but rather my old walkman as a precaution. Any comments?

Thanks for the help!

PS: Any ideas on mic? It is also of the same type [PAC ARRAY MIC]



8 years ago

Your speakers have a pair of wires to each speaker. Headphones are the same but sometimes on half of each pair is connected to the same wire so the jack only has three connections.

Pretend that the left conn. to each speaker is pos. and the right is neg. They are often marked this way but it is only a way of telling which term. is which and in no way really means that there is a positive or negative term. Sound from an amp is AC.

Now connect the pos of one speaker to the neg of the other speaker and consider that the ground and connect it to the ground of the jack. Now connect each of the two terminals left to the left and right connections of the jack.

Jack pinout.