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Help DIY Wireless Video Transmitter Answered

Hi ! 

I'm working on a Tech Project and I need a wireless video transmitter. 
A webcam or any video camera provides a video stream, my computer receives it. 
I've searched on the Internet but I've only found shopping solutions. 

There are different way of transmitting which seem to be efficient : 
- IP
- Wifi 

I want to make it by myself => build the transmitter and the receiver, connect the transmitter to the video camera, connect the receiver to the computer to collect the video stream.

This is a project for my engineering school.

Is it possible and affordable for 100€ ? 
What do I need ? 




3 years ago

For 20 bucks you gen an WiFi cam as a complete pack.
And if you need to ask for assistance here it simply means you have no clue how to do it.
Just by a ready to go cam and be happy with it ;)