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Help: First project - Bluetooth HUD/Router (i don't know what it would classify as) Answered

OK Here's what i'm trying to make you guys. Essentially id like to make a device that will connect to a smart device via Bluetooth and also can connect and transmit to up to 5 Bluetooth speakers (of any brand). i know some Bluetooth speakers now have duo casting or whatever its called but i would like to go a step further. honestly i have no idea where to start, currently what im thinking is using some model of raspberry pi as the backbone of this unit. i would imagine id have to wire 5 bluetooth transmitters and one bluetooth receiver to the pi but i have no idea how i would program the pi or wire it up. as said before this will be my first project so i am rather new to this whole concept of diy but i love the idea of making my own gadgets. i want the pi to recieve bluetooth audio from a smart device and then redirect the audio to the 1-5 other bluetoooth speakers that could be connected to it. i also think it would be really cool to 3D print a body for the pi unit that can house a decent sized rechargeable lithium ion battery, that could be recharged via micro usb or maybe type C. Another cool feature i thought of was if i could wire 6 usb ports to the rechargable battery that could be used to charge 5 bluetooth speakers and you phone in one go. i also suppose id need to put some kind of screen on the pi unit and program some kind of user interface so i could make pairing to the bluetooth speakers and smart devices easier. all in all i guess what im going for is a power bank with the ability to redirect bluetooth audio from a smartphone to multiple bluetooth speakers. is there anyone out there that could maybe help and suggest how to make such a device? constructive critism is welcome as are any ideas for extra features. also maybe point me in the right direction as to where i could purchase the parts for this?

Parts i know i'll need

5 bluetooth transmitters

1 bluetooth receiver

6 usb ports

1 micro or type C port

1 rechargeable lithium ion battery (preferably at least 10000 mah or more, more is always better)


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1 year ago

I guess you want to create a wireless Dolby system on the cheap.
So lets start with some basics:
Your controller needs to be able to split the channels and sort them for the individual speakers.
The timings need to be matched to avoid delays and really weird sound effects.
Even if you just want 5 stereo speakers.
All receivers and transmitters need individual BT addresses and NAMES/ID's!
The pairing needs to be limited so each receiver can only pair with the corresponding transmitter.
If you need to compensate for distance then of course you need to adjust the signal delay accordingly.
For the actual audio part you need to seperate the channels and if the signal is digital, like HDMI, then you also need to decode it.

Let me know once you got the audio and pairing problems sorted.