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Help Identifying Sensor Component Answered

Hello forumites:

Needing some assistance in identifying a motion sensory component. Wife bought this annoying bird ornament at the dollar store the other day and the packaging stated it was motion activated. Sensitive apparently because the thing almost never shuts up. Had an idea to get a few more of them and pillage for parts to make a motion activated night light for my youngins when they get up in the middle of the night. 

Funny thing is though, it doesnt look like any motion sensor Ive seen.

Perhaps someone out here can throw me a bone.



4 years ago

Noticed the same lines when I was looking at the front of a night light here at the house and was thinking as much today. Thanks for the input Downunder35m - explains why the darn thing doesnt shut up at night.


4 years ago

Works like those cheap novelty toys...
They claim "motion sensor" as they sort of react to someone passing by - but only if his shadow passes the sensor or his body reflects more light on it.
It is done by checking for changes in the resistance.

If very slow it does not do anything even it goes from dark to bright light.

But if there are fast changes in resistance (even minute ones) it triggers the toy.