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Help Making Papercrete Garden Answered

Hello, I was thinking about ripping out all the rotted wood in my backyard garden and replacing it with basically a waist high garden area to grow herbs and I stumbled upon papercrete one day. I've never used papercrete let alone concrete in general. I was just wondering if I could get some general help on where to start.

I'd like to make this out of papercrete block and papercrete mortar if all possible but I don't know what amount of newspaper, water, and portland concrete I need... or even how to make molds.



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7 years ago

If i were you, i would gather expirience with normal conrete where you have tested and proofen recipes before you dive into the experimenting world of papercrete.

But if you want some cool informations and recipes, be sure you also check out the guys over at papercrete.wikidot.com
like http://papercrete.wikidot.com/recipes:block-starter or http://papercrete.wikidot.com/recipes:wall-recipe-overview

I think for your application (walls will be poured i think, right?) would be http://papercrete.wikidot.com/recipes:tim-pye

But one thing to remember if you are using papercrete for a raised garden: Water!
Quote: "ABSORBS WATER INSTANTLY - not a plus for housing projects. After construction is complete and the walls are dry, the exterior needs to be sealed. A papercrete stucco mix can be applied without the need of chicken wire, and then can be painted."