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Help Mod a Dumb Car Screen Answered

So I have my first car with a smart screen..

This is a 2019 Subaru Forester with an insulting first screen..

Anyone know how to hack the screen with my Puppy Pic..


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1 year ago

I got a 2019 Subaru with an insulting power on screen that warns me of
dangerous driving and I'm embarrassed that passengers are seeing.. There
is no_end of later configuration options in the manuals but nothing on
opening screen..


1 year ago

Not sure if it is still a pressing issue for you but I somehow missined your topic completely here...

There is a reason why aftermarket radios are so damn popular.
What you get in a modern car is just a crappy Android with severe limitations on the OS side.
Soe are different though like in some sports cars you have added screens for vital data from engine, tyres and so on.
What they all share though is that you can not access the Android system without risking to fully brick the thing.
And considering what they charge you for the system it is just a bad joke what you get for the money ;)

I recently upgrades a Suzuki Swift from a crappy radio.
About 300 bucks for a real entertainment unit.
7" multitouch schreen, BT, analog and digital radio, GPS, WiFi and the option to add two cameras (one for logging, one for reverse), mobile data with a Sim card and if you dare even with the option to get a DVB-T receiver and antenna.
Of course two additional outputs for screens (independent from what happens on the main unit) for the kids...
And if you want a different logo on that one you just upload a pic from your phone to it LOL
Best thing was that the thing just worked as advertised and out of the box.
All I had to do was to get a Din adapter for the wiring loom - sadly not all manufacturers use DIN thinking their entertainment solutions are the best a buyer could ask for ROFL