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Help! Please Donate More Common Sense! Answered

It's not that I don't have common sense, It's because I think like this. I overthink things, when the answer is usually simple. Maybe I take things way too seriously.
It probably took Brooklytonia about 20 seconds to read and figure this out...

About a week ago, I uploaded an Instructable that I thought would be a HUGE hit. It wasn't.

When my Instructable on Dimmable LED Workshop Lighting (Very High Efficiency) got featured in the Newsletter, it got 100K+ views. This is because it was at the top, and it was impossible to miss.
When my Instructable onInsanely Bright LED Panel got featured in the newsletter, It got 40K+ views. It was at the bottom left on the email. I figured that it made sense.
When my Instructable on Articulating 70W Spectrum-Balanced LED Panel got featured in the newsletter, it got ~10K views. This makes no sense!
(I've changed the titles to what the staff changed them when they got featured in the newsletter. Not sure why I remember this...)

Dimmable LED Workshop Lighting (Very High Efficiency) - Good title. Good thumbnail. Main Instructable - TONS of clicks - 3K views in less than 10 minutes

Insanely Bright LED Panel - Okay title (not my fault!). Fairly good thumbnail. Located at the bottom left - Quite a bit of views

Articulating 70W Spectrum-Balanced LED Panel - Good title. Good thumbnail*. Located in the middle. - Not a lot of clicks - 3K views in several hours. WHY?

Of course there are several things that differ between Insanely Bright LED Panel and Articulating 70W Spectrum-Balanced LED Panel. But why such a difference?

I mean-- I always compare the statistics of my I'bles, and try to make them better. It's usually hard to compare, and surprising. But why is there such a huge difference between two Instructables that are pretty similar?

*I changed it a couple hours before it got featured in the newsletter, with the Instructables Pixlr editor. I know it turned ot a bit weird, but it was the best that I was able to do. The Pixlr site has better fonts, but the biggest on was still soooo small. Maybe I did something wrong. Images of before and after: 



3 years ago

*(Hopefully this doesn't [though it obviously will] affect the amount of vote/s it gets)*

That sentence makes no sense.


Reply 3 years ago


Perhaps I'll have more luck in the other LED contest..."

What I mean is that you start to feel bad when an Instructable that has 600 views becomes a finalist, and your Instructable, which has 14K+ doesn't, even though you know both are pretty cool, but you think your Instructable should have (politely) taken its place...

I have become a proffesional at not winning. Maybe I should get a Nobel prize, and a whole page in the book of Guinness Book of World Records for having a world record on least wins per amount of I'bles. I'm sure something like that exists...



3 years ago

Pixlr express is better for making adding text, making thumbnails, ect.


Reply 3 years ago

Now I think I get it. The editor the Instructables uses is Pixlr Express.

The one I use is the regular Pixlr editor, and then I add the title because the biggest font in the regular Pixlr editor is way too small.

I'll have to experiment with this a bit more... :)


3 years ago

Have you considered the days that the different newsletters were sent out. Perhaps the first one was on a particularly boring day compared to the others, and thus, more people looked at the newsletter all together?


Reply 3 years ago

I see...You're saying that the projects that were higher up, might not have been as interesting, and people clicked away before seeing mine...

I guess that could make sense, but Insanely Bright LED Panel (the one w/ 40K+ views), was featured in the bottom left (the last one), and Articulating 70W Spectrum-Balanced LED Panel (the one w/ ~10K views) was in the middle.

"Insanely Bright LED Panel" is actually called "SpectrumLED- An INSANELY Bright 200 WATT Variable Spectrum LED Panel",which might have changed the amount of clicks... The first one doesn't give out a lot of information, and if I click on the second one, I know exactly what I'm going to see in the I'ble...

Now that I'm taking a more in-depth look, I do see that most of the I'bles are relevant only to a small amount of people (Miter Saw Station: Woodworkers, Japanese style Blade Forging: Metal workers, etc...), so it is possible that many people clicked away... The only ones that got a high amount of clicks were the main I'ble, and the Drone.


Reply 3 years ago

Actually, I meant that the number of people that actually view the newsletter is likely different from day to day. Certain days of the week or events may effect the number of people who actually view the newsletter at all.


Reply 3 years ago

The subject line of a newsletter can also have a huge impact on how many people choose to open the newsletter and read it.