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Help. Using Arduino as a pressure and voltage sensing switch? Answered

could use some assistance here.

Required: An activation switch that relies on two pressure sensors and a voltage sensing input and a manual activation switch

I am trying to use an arduino as the mastermind to activate a relay based on 3 inputs; 1200-1500psi transducer, 40-60psi fuel pressure sensor and a 4.8v max throttle position sensor.

The Arduino once receiving an input from my arming switch, will check the sensors/inputs and if values are met will send an activation voltage to the relay, which will in turn activate my nitrous oxide and fuel solinoids.

I may consider adding a small LCD to show what is ready and if the system is armed and activated.

[Arm Switch]----》


[Checks]----》[Fuel Pressure Sensor]----》[ready/not ready]

[Checks]----》[N2O Pressure Transducer]----》[ready/not ready]

[Checks]----》[TPS voltage (4.8v=wide open throttle)]----》[ready/not ready]

[Arduino (if all ready)]----》

[Relay is activated]


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