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Help, Where do you put the hex files to flash to the chip in avrdude. Answered

Whenever I put It in the C:/ drive and try to upload the program it says no such file or directory?



10 years ago

You have to navigate yourself to that specific folder, in the command prompt: In windows command prompt, you can go one folder "back" by typing "cd ..". When you start command prompt, there will be "C:\Documents and Settings\user>_" for example. Now you need to go back twice (away from "user" and "documents and settings" folders), by typing "cd .." *enter*, "cd .." *enter*. Then it will say "C:\>_" and then you should be able to upload .hex from root of the C-drive. If you have placed your hexs in "C:\hex\" folder and want to upload them, you first have to navigate to the C:\ then type "cd hex" *enter*, and then you can upload your hex. If I remember right, you can even type the whole address of the hex-file in to the parameters of the avrdude: instead of just "main.hex" type "C:\main.hex" where you have to type name of the hex. So: avrdude will look for file you've named, in that folder where you are at the moment.