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Help With Resin Answered

I don't know very much about resin's & need help on what to look for & in detail how to prepare it.

What I want to do is fill a small vile with a clear resin & a black ball in the middle. 

I tried filling one of these bottles with a two part resin & it nearly shattered from the heat. I tried using a clear hot glue, ether by gun or just melting it in the glass vile, ether way the glue fogged up.

I need something like those awards you see on TV, solid acrylic with a face or globe, whatever the object may be, in the middle of the transparent award.



3 years ago

Check out Peter Brown's YouTube channel, he has quite a bit of these videos.


3 years ago

Not all resins will heat up, so your first task is to find a resin that doesn't heat up. Check out the resin I used in this project. I'm almost positive it doesn't generate heat. Epoxy resin's will definitely create heat.

You also should attempt to figure out if the object floats in the resin. If you have extra objects, mix up a small batch of resin and see if it floats or sinks before filling half the bottle with resin. Wait several hours until the resin doesn't move when you tip the bottle, and carefully place the object in the middle. Hopefully, it will stick to the surface slightly. Then...

If the object floats (or you're not sure), mix up and add a few drops of resin to the bottle around the object to hold it in place. Let the resin dry another several hours before filling the rest of the bottle with resin.

If the object sinks, just fill the rest of the bottle with resin.