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Help finding an LED voltmeter? (or figuring out how to use a 3 wire one for this) Answered

For my coilgun/railgun/whatever project I want to use one of those all In one LED voltmeters, however, all the ones I can find are either 2 wire and just measure the input voltage, or 3 wire, and require a neutral ground. That's where the problem lies. I want to use it to monitor the capacitor bank's charging, which goes up to 250 volts, I'd be fine splitting the voltage and using two meters, but to measure it the negative connection is high voltage positive, which means I can't measure the capacitor bank's charging. Is there an LED volt meter (that's not super expensive) that will accept power from a separate source and has negative and positive connections for measuring voltage? If not, how can I work around this neutral ground problem?


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8 years ago

Have you looked at http://www.sureelectronics.net/ thru the Panel Display range?