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Help for Replacement capacitor ? Answered

250v185j cl21 capacitor  burned from  old portable rechargeable fan what can i do.. pls help me for  replacement capacitor in india


Jack A Lopez

Best Answer 1 year ago

Well, I guess you have faithfully told us about some of the heiroglyphics scribbled on your "capacitor burned", specifically, "250v" and "185j". Those two scribble words can be interpreted in English as:

capacitor's maximum voltage is 250 volts

capacitor's capacitance is 1.8 microfarads, with tolerance of 5%.

That is: (18*10^5)*(10^-12 F) = 18*10^-7 F = 1.8*10^-6 F, and the letter "j" means, that value is accurate within a tolerance of 5%.

You can read more about cryptic capacitor markings in the Wikipedia article for "Capacitor", in the section labeled, "Capacitor markings", here:


Regarding the scribbles that say, "cl21", I do not know what that means.

It would be nice to know the role this capacitor plays in the circuit for your device. You have not told us anything about that.

I am naively guessing this capacitor was part of a charger circuit, for charging the battery of this, what you call, "old portable rechargeable fan". I am also guessing the role of this capacitor was simply that of a filter, likely a low-pass filter.

Also guessing this capacitor is an electrolytic type; i.e. cylinder shaped, with a stripe, or some other marking, on one side, for to indicate polarity.

The Wikipedia article for "Capacitor", I linked to above, that article will maybe also help you identify what kind (electrolytic, metal film, etc.) of capacitor yours was, since that article has a bunch of pictures of capacitors, and you'll probably see one that kind of looks like yours, or looks like what your cap used to look like, before it got burned up, or blowed up, or whatever happened to it.

Regarding the question of replacing your broken capacitor, I am guessing any capacitor of the same type, with voltage rating greater or equal to 250 volts, and capacitance greater or equal to 1.8 microfarad.

I am guessing that this capacitor was part of a filter circuit, and for that reason you do not have to replace it with exactly the same thing. More capacitance is OK, and greater voltage rating is OK too.

I have no idea where to shop for capacitors in India, unless you happen to own a junk box. I think this is a concept that is universal to people who need parts for to fix broken electronics. That is to say a "junk box" is simply a box of other broken electronics, and junked circuit boards. If you have such a junk box in your possession, or you know someone who does save broken, for parts, electronic junk, then that box is the place you check first, whenever you need a little part like this.

Jack A LopezJack A Lopez

Answer 1 year ago

On second thought, I am thinking your capacitor was a metal film type, because on the electrolytic ones, they usually print the capacitance in English, with a Greek lowercase "mu", symolizing the SI prefix "micro", or 10^-6. I mean it is printed that way rather than using the funny three-number code (e.g. "185") that ends in "J", "K", or "L".

Also that kind, metal film, is non-polar. A non-polar cap should probably be replaced with another non-polar cap.

Electrolytic caps can only be used in a place in a circuit where the voltage never changes direction, because electrolytic caps fail (sometimes by exploding) if reverse biased.

Non-polar caps do not care about polarity, and can be charged to positive, or negative, voltages.


1 year ago

thank you very much... for the help