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Help for a wheelchair + resources for the winter project ... Answered

Hello everyone,

I am a wheelchair user and lover of winter sports, especially skiing. During my time as a walker, I used to go to the ski slopes as soon as it snowed because it was between snow and snowy landscapes but now it is difficult for me because my wheelchair sinks into the snow and prevents me from moving.

I am aware that there are resources for my case, be they the http://www.polarstroller.com/en/store/2-Set-of-4X... or also an option for hiking such as freewheel http://www.polarstroller.com/en/store/2-Set-of-4X... or other options like that. The point is that they are really expensive and difficult to get in Spain. For what I plan to do it myself but I'm not very handy. Could you give me some clue, instruction how to start step by step?

Thank you for your time and help in advance.

Sorry 4 my poor english !!!


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2 years ago

It is quite easy to use some skids, add a mount for a wheelchair and go down a mountain with it.
But making something YOU can attach when needed quickly and safely is a different matter.
Especially when it comes to actually using them as skies.
Those things you listed are more a guide so someone can push you through a bit of snow, on a track they would be a death trap for you.

I guess the only real deal to have still some fun would be a drive on base.
Pair of short skies either side and two more in the front with a steering link that you operate by hand.
If the chair allows for s proper mounting of the frame then the steering link could go to the wheels so you can steer by turning them forward or backward.
Think of snow mobile or snow machine without engine and seat, just a framework for you to drive on.

Josep R.R
Josep R.R

Reply 1 year ago

Thanks for the reply but I think you have not finished understanding. I do not intend to ride some skis on the wheels to make downloads, that's why I already have an adapted MonoSki. In addition, I have already tried and the result is how you are saying ... DEAD or at least ... PAIN
What I intend to do is mount mini skis on front wheels to facilitate the use of the wheelchair off the tracks and in snowy areas, not for skiing.