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Help for building a monster PC Answered

Hi, I would like to build an awsome Pc, I have free access to an abandoned 2006 airport and all electronics stuff included! 
The goal is to make a powerfull machine out unlimited resources.
Sadly I don t have much experience in Pc making so I would need an experienced person to help me. 
If you're intrested in exploring the opportunities of this project or need more info  please contact me!


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6 years ago

Are you trying to build a large server/server farm or just a single powerful desktop machine? One of the best resources for current hardware and regularly updated build guides is tomshardware.com

Every quarter they do builds at 3 price points and compare what you get for your dollars.

In your case, it sounds like you will be limited to what you can find at the airport. Much of this will be from 2006 and that will limit how "monster" the PC can be. You can probably have a MASSIVE array of disks and as much memory as you can stuff into a machine, but you will be limited in what you will find in the way of graphics cards and higher end processors.

Unfortunately, to be at the higher(est) end of PC performance, you generally need fairly recent parts.

Of course you may find some pretty good servers there...