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Help hooking up parallax axis2 joy stick Answered

Hi, I'm trying to hook up a parallax axis 2 joy stick to a Atari punk synth that I've been making using a design I got off of instructables. The design uses two 555 timers. I can only get half of the joy stick to work, meaning that when I move the stick it only makes sound when moved up and to the right. I'm not sure why I can't get the other side of the joy stick to work so I'm wondering if anyone can help.

Currently the joy stick is hooked up with both of the ground terminals hooked to the ground, L/R+ and U/D+ hooked to the positive. The rest of the terminals are hooked up to pin 7 on one of the 555 timers. This is pretty much the way I've seen it hooked up in other designs, but those designs used arduinos so it was a little different.


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