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Help in Metro 2033 bug? Answered

In Metro 2033 I have already found many game stoping bugs, but I have overtook them, either by experimentation or using the Internet. But I have now reached Armory station and I have encountered yet another bug: After getting cuffed by the reds and starting to run I am always caught by the first soldier even before reaching the first turn of the hallway. After a lot of failed trials I decided to search the internet for solutions. I found nothing but "you have to run" Which I do and "you must lower your resolution" something that I can't becouse the game is already playing at the lowest resolution possible. What should I do?



5 years ago

Well from what your saying a common solution is to keep settings low so the PC can keep up with things. If you can't go any lower then you need a new PC.


Answer 5 years ago

Maybe, maybe not but gaming forums are a better place to find that answer at. But in a situation like this where you are playing a fairly graphically intense game on a system that is barely able to support it. You will run into problems in situations where timing is critical. While your GPU is lagging behind trying to render the scene the CPU is still plugging away and the AI can get a bit ahead of the video. So one second your ok and the next your caught.