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Help in constructing a battery charger Answered

Hi there!

I need some help constructing a circuit to charge a lead acid battery. The ratings of the battery are: 12v, 7Ah(Or so).

The circuit must have the following features:
-> Must be fairly simple (Considering the fact that i don't get all the components easily in the place i live, not even online)
-> Must automatically cutoff when the battery is fully charged(Or near full).
-> Must also have an indicator, (like the ones we have in a digital camera battery charger, which shows RED LED=Charging, GREEN LED=Full, something like that).
-> Charging times can be fairly reasonable (Few hours for a full charge sounds reasonable). 
-> Hopefully, some explanation on how the circuit works. ;)

Thanks in advance :)


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7 years ago

Google Lead acid battery charger schematic and choose the one that has the best balance of the features you want and uses the supplies you can get. Most sites that have the schematics should give you a basic understanding of how the circuit works too.

Something like this should cover your needs. If you can get the parts. If not then you may have a hard time putting together a charger.