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Help in my Final Project Answered

My name is Ziv. I'm doing my final project in "Product Design".
The project is about taking open-source projects which are considering popular (by # of downloads, 'shares', 'Likes' etc...) and re-design them to be easier to build/use.

In other words: I'm looking for cool projects/ objects that you would've been happy to build and own if they were easier to build or better-looking.. 
I'm hoping to find 3-5 objects and use 3D prototyping, laser-cutting and ready-made parts to build the new objects.
of-course the new design will be open-source and free to use.

I really believe that by collaborating with others, I could get to a much better results!



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8 years ago

What do you mean by redesigning things to be easier to build or use? Give us an example of something that can be made better with 3D prototyping, laser-cutting or having ready-made parts. What have you made that would benefit a redesign with these tools?

ziv tu
ziv tu

Reply 8 years ago

Thanks for your comment.
What I meant was taking projects that are "improvised" (leaning on 'how handy you are' or which materials are in your reach) and design 3D printed shells, laser-cut electronic platforms etc... to make them easier to build and use.

- Sensing cane for the visually impaired:
What I did in this project was taking existing projects that uses sonar and vibration to alert on close obstacles. In this case the code needed further tuning and later I've 3D printed plastic shells to house all the electronics and make this product more robust and easier to use for blind people.

- Line following robot:
I didn't finish this project yet, but what I'm doing here is again, taking existing projects that are relatively easy to build, and designing metal/plastic platform to host the electronic parts and a cover for the robot, to make it a toy that children could play with.