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Help making a basic circuit involving an analog VU meter. Answered

I am trying to build a contraption involving an analog VU meter a microphone and a power source so i can measure noise levels around me and put it into a sweet steam punk arm contraption I have plans for. I would like the design to be a microphone added into a VU meter and then the power source to power it up but I have no idea what components i need. I can build stuff to a circuit plan but have no experience in designing a proper circuit.


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9 years ago

If you search this site several VU meter projects come up.

You will need amplification between your microphone and the meter, as the microphone output is not sufficient to drive the meter directly.

Basica audio amplifier projects and schematics are also plentiful here and elsewhere on the web.

I assume that your power source is a battery. Depending on the actual circuit you choose, the voltage may need to be regulated. This is another simple circuit that will appear in many projects here and elsewhere.