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Help me build stadium lighting for my foosball table Answered

I work at a little marketing/web agency.  The job is sweet, but the foosball is epic.  We have internal league games among the 15 of us, but we're going to go intercollegiate this winter and the foosball table need some polish.  I think some epic stadium lights would fit the bill nicely.  

Here's some parameters I'd like to work within: 

* They should look as close to the real thing as possible - no shortcuts when it comes to the aesthetics (Google images here).
* They will probably have to hang from the ceiling.
* They should be bright.  Not necessarily blinding, but brighter than average.  Definitely not feeble.
* I'm thinking 2 sets hanging above either end of the table and safely above head-height.  That probably puts them about 4-6' away from the surface I want to illuminate.
* We can probably spend $40-80 on materials.  
* I doubt we will be doing any electrical work to accommodate these, so each one needs to run off a single, probably very long, cord.  

The real crux for me here is the lighting - I'm really not familiar with lighting.  I'm sure I'm looking at LED lighting, given that I want to have many lights working from a single power source, but I'm worried that after I spread the available watts out over a large number of lights I won't be able to get the kind of intensity I'm looking for.  And I'm wondering how much I would need to spend on the kind of light that I need for this project.  

I'm imagining that the frame of the light will be some kind of small diameter metal conduit.  I'm not sure what the best way of linking the conduit together would be though..

Ideas are warmly welcomed   : ) 



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7 years ago

You can get those LED camping lanterns or LED trouble lights/mechanics stick lights and mount them to a scaled size post on the table so it does look like a tiny stadium. It would look more realistic and could hook up the lights to run off of a wall wart. The effect would be better in a darkened room so you have a view just like the Goodyear blimp.


7 years ago

Lights physically proportional to the size of the table would never provide the amount of light that you desire.