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Help me create a salvage/component list Answered

Don't get me wrong I love going to RadioShack to purchase things I need for my projects, but I usually prefer to scrap older or broken electronics for my components. If you've ever scrapped to find a specific component, most likely it takes you a few very frustrating times if that. That's why I am going to create a list to post online or create a webpage for it, you can steal my idea if you wanna create it.
It's going to be a list that will be alphanumerically listing:

component type/ component part number/ a short explanation/s of what its used in/for, and then electronics that you can find them in.
IC 16-pins         Uln2009           *motor driver         Found in: *manufacturer name* scanner model: ####

So if you know any electronics that contain components commonly looked for please post the details here so I can frequently update it for everyone. 


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6 years ago

Good luck!
Just covering the bare basics will require a huge databse, you won't be able to create a usable text file or website for it.

For the website you could include a database of course but what would be the point?

If I need an op-amp of a specific type I will not first try to search a document for possible options to find it, waste more time trying to hunt such scrap circuit boards and find out there is nothing to find.


Reply 6 years ago

Like I said, I'm only planning on listing *commonly looked for* components, I'm not talking about resistors, capacitors or plugs etc. things like voltage regulators, PICs, useful ICs, stepper motors, things like that. Commonly looked for but less commonly found.